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The Malawi flag at Independence

SO, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another scandal. Surprise! Surprise!

Malawians who still think scandal is an exception – not the rule – of our approach to governance need to wake up from their slumber. Since 1964, this country has been run primarily via scandal, and never in the best interests of the broad citizenry. How else should we account for the massive under-development that we have been subjected to by the series of governments we have survived since independence day?

We have been repeatedly subjected to governments bereft of imagination, sincerity and love. Instead, we have elected liars and nincompoop political upstarts, who are guided not by the demands of the flag but by their own avarice. As a result, the catalogue of failures this country has experienced are not as natural as we have been made to so easily believe.

In fact, one of the most blatant lies ever sold to Malawians by every government we have survived is that they have all governed – or are governing – with Malawians at heart. Sadly, this has been believed by many citizens and in doing so, we have internalised fear and poverty to a level where we cannot see or imagine a different state of affairs. Read More


The entrance to the Kigali Genocide Memorial where 200,000 bodies were buried.

In 1994, when Malawi was ushering in the democratic dispensation, Rwanda was at war with itself. Where we inherited the remnants of a dictatorship, they inherited death in the form of bodies washing themselves ashore in rivers, trapped in forests and lying in the open. There was no country to speak of.

In 2016, when Malawi is contemplating feeding mice and grasshoppers to a starving population, Kigali – the capital of Rwanda – is one major construction site. The people have rolled up their sleeves, taken a decision to move forward are dreaming big.

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