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Earlier this week, a report from the South African Police Service (SAPS) made for sad reading. Some Malawians were busted for human trafficking in the North West province.



“On investigation, and during the search,” the report said, “fifty-seven (57) undocumented children aged between eleven (11) and twenty-one (21) years were found in the back of a delivery truck which is without windows. Eighteen (18) of these children are girls (females) while thirty-nine (39) of them are boys (males). These children were transported by the three adult occupants including the driver who are Malawian nationals. These adults could not provide a satisfactory account on the status of all the children. The driver and his two companions were arrested for human trafficking. Further probe has revealed that all children were also Malawian nationals.” Read More



With the late Raphael Tenthani, the Blantyre-Lilongwe road trip always had to be
punctuated with a stopover, somewhere around Ntcheu, for ngumbi or mbewa or both, depending on availability. It just had to happen. One evening, we ran out of luck. Or so I thought.

Driving to Blantyre, we left Lilongwe quite late and by the time we got to Ntcheu, the


The writer with Raphael Tenthani

young boys and girls who would normally wave their goods to passer-by traffic had retreated to their homes. But Raphael, like a stubborn little child, wanted his fix and we had to look for it. So, in the thick of the night, we parked our car on the main road and started the search for ngumbi or mbewa or whichever was available.

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