WE cannot foresee the future, but we should never give into the defeatist temptation of being the vanguard of a nation which yearns ‎for freedom, but abhors the struggle it entails and awaits its freedom as a crumb of victory.” – Che Guevara


“We ignore man’s basic nature if we say, as some critics do, that because a man like [Chief] Nanga has risen overnight from poverty and insignificance to his present opulence he could be persuaded without much trouble to give it up again and return to his original state,” Odilli, in Chinua Achebe’s A Man of the People.

THIS CASE will not continue. There is no case here. They just want keep me for some time. By the way, tag me on Facebook the pictures you are taking.” – Former minister of Justice, Ralph Kasambara, speaking to journalists after being charged with attempted murder.

Quote via: Zodiak Online Facebook page.

Pity the fate of flash millionaires

If they are not hurled into jail, they live

In the prison houses of their crimes and wives 

And when they die, of course,

Only their kind shower praises on vultures.

– From The Fate of Vultures, a poem by Tanure Ojaide

“Day to day Africa. Oh, not the Africa of the poets, the Africa that is sleeping, but the Africa that stops you sleeping because the people are impatient to be doing something, to speak and to play.

“The people who are saying: ‘We want to make ourselves a people, we want to build, love, respect and create.’ The people who weep when you say ‘I come from a country where the women have no children and the children have no mothers.'” – Frantz Fanon (in Frantz Fanon: A Biography)